KM EUROPA METAL Ag exemplifies contemporary use and central importance of copper in our modern world, in a comprehensive line of quality products for a vast range of applications.


- Tube Systems

Tubes produced from copper and copper alloys are extruded, drawn or seam-welded from copper strips, and then temper-hardened and appropriately finished for their intended application: such as plumbing installation, air-conditioning or industrial uses.


- Rolled Products

1.In Building Industry

Rolled products from KME are in great demand on building sites because they offer a unique combination of function and aesthetics.


TECU® Classic


The classic solution: a vivid surface which changes in the course of time. Copper has its own particular aura and is an asset to any building.


TECU® Oxid


Having been pre-oxidized through a special process, the surface is brown from the outset. Annoying handling marks are not at all visible.


TECU® Patina


What used to take years can now be created at once: green patina. This surface has a great affect on modern architecture, combines beautifully with other building materials, and is important for the restoration of historical buildings.


TECU® Zinn


The matt, tin-plated surface combines the technical advantages of copper, such as its resistance to underside corrosion and its formability at low temperatures, with an attractive grey finish.


TECU® Brass


The brass alternative, a copper-zinc alloy with a golden-yellow surface and all the familiar engineering and commercial benefits.


TECU® Bronze


A special copper-zinc alloy with a pleasantly warm, golden-red surface and a multitude of façade applications.


TECU® System-Shingles


Large format copper shingles offering the decisive advantages of high flexibility and easy installation are available in all TECU® surfaces.


TECU® Panels


These are 2 sided cladding elements that can be assembled vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


TECU® Cassettes


Cladding elements with folded edges on all sides, the cassettes are exclusively pre-profiled to the customer’s specifications.




These perforated mesh elements provide a whole range of innovative possibilities, having the advantages of an appealing visual appearance; light-weight and good price.


TECU® Rainwater systems


TECU roofing and cladding systems can be supplemented by Rainwater system components from Fricke GmbH&Co.

2.In Industry


For industrial use, the precisely defined material properties, such as high conductivity and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances, are valued most highly. Rolled products as sheets, plates and strips made from pure and alloyed copper are produced in numerous variations for customers in:


•Electrical engineering




•Household device manufacturers


Automotive vehicle production


•Air conditioning


•Metal products manufacture


•Broadcasting technology


•Coin production


•Connector and semiconductor industries


•Cable manufacturers

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