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Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd.

GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics focusıng on system solutions and high-quality components for transport of water, chemicals and gas.

The core competence of GF Piping Systems is the development, production and marketing of plastic piping systems for the safe and secure transport of water, gas and other liquids in industry, utilities and building services.

Its product line includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation and measurement, jointing technology and covers all water cycle applications.

cunova GmbH (formerly KME Special Products & Solutions GmbH)

  • Melting & Casting Technologies (mould tubes, mould plates, casting wheels, dam blocks, casting sleeves, crucibles)

  • Marine Applications (Shipbuilding, tube bundles)

  • Industrial Applications ( cooling elements, bus tubes, machined parts)

cunova website


KME Germany GmbH 

With its 15 production plants in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and USA. KME is one of the World’s largest manufactures of copper and copper alloy products and has a worldwide sales network. The central headquarter of KME is in Osnabrück.

KME is divided into two corporate divisions:

The Copper Division

  • Archıtecture ( Roof and Façade Claddıng, TECU)

  • Plumbıng Tubes

  • Industrıal Rolled (Rolled copper for the ındustrıal )

  • Stampıng Technology

  • Industrıal Tubes

  • Mıneral Insulated

The Brass Division

  • Brass products 


KME website

SMS Group GmbH 

SMS Group focuses exclusively on processes and technologies for the long product steel making sector. Regardless of steel grades or shape, SMS Group has the most suitable layout and technical solution to meet the customer's objectives. 


The design and supply of the following technological key-equipments are a part of SMS Group’s scope:

  • Vacuum Degassing Plants VD/VOD

  • Complete meltshop equipment (EAF, LF, FTP, MHS, LHS and other auxiliary equipment)

  • Reheating furnance and heat treatment lines

  • Heavy section mills

  • Medium section mills

  • Rail mills

  • CBP plants

  • MPS plants

  • Blooming mills

  • Billet mills

  • Straightening lines

  • Wire rod mills

  • Bar mills

  • Garrett coilers

  • Continuous Casting Machines for blooms, beam-blanks, rounds and billets)

  • Spare-wear parts

  • Revamp

Superior Graphite Europe Ltd.

Superior Graphite specializes in thermal purification, advanced sizing, blending and coating technologies providing Graphite and Carbon based solutions.

Developed for the demanding needs of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry for a high purity consistent recarburizer, Superior Graphite consistently produces Desulco®, a premium graphitic carbon with high carbon purity levels utilizing a proprietary Electro-Thermal Treatment/Purification Technology. Desulco® contains no dust, low ash and sulfur, and consistently low gas levels. The result is rapid dissolution, maximum carbon recovery and minimal additions to the melt, which saves time and money lost due to scrap. Desulco® is the most cost effective carbon additive available.

Flohe GmbH Co. & KG

Flohe Cable Technologies GmbH

FLOHE represents German quality products and a huge range of services in the field of high current technology. From basic to detail engineering combined with assembly, repair and revamping – in all sectors related to high current systems.


  • High current engineering components for EAF, LF, DC

  • Reduction furnance

  • Electrode arms

  • Busbar Systems

  • Water-cooled high current cables

  • Bottles cables

  • Crucibles

  • Switching Equipment

Orbitalum Tools GmbH

Orbitalum Tools GmbH is a competent partner for orbital tube and pipe preparation and orbital welding technology for industrial piping systems, prefabrication and maintenance.

 Orbitalum Tools develops and produces pıpe cuttıng and bevelıng machınes, portable tube saws, manual pıpe cutters, saw blades, tube facing machines and
pipe end preparation machines, tungsten grınders.

İletişim: +90 212 244 7460

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